7 mo 3 weeks – Chicken Pox!

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Yes, as a mum, i freaked out when Anna told us that she suspected Ethan got Chicken pox. Coz he’s still so young. We brought him to the paed and even the paed seemed to be concerned over chicken pox at such a young age. He prescribed 5 day course of Acyclovir tablets and Vicide cream to br applied on the infected areas to prevent scarring.

I took 5 day leave to take care of him with the help of my mum. Throughout the week the fever was on and off but luckily that the chicken pox didn’t create much discomforts to him as he was still very active and crawling around. From head to feet he has little blisters popping out and by the 4th day we started to see them drying up. I still bathed him and fed him porridge with veges and he enjoyed every meal. :)

Phew, that’s the chicken pox story of my little Ethan. :) He won’t have any memories about his chicken pox surely. :D